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The Year 2020 has turned the PR industry on its head. It has forced PRs to rethink their bricks and mortar strategies to become digitally relevant in a newly evolved virtual world.

We have knocked a traditional approach to PR on its head pushing the boundaries whilst remaining bespoke to your needs.

At MUSE Communications we embrace your brand’s key messages and adapt them to be modern, engaging and relevant to the fast paced marketing universe we find ourselves in.

Our Clients

So, what makes MUSE
a different brick in the wall?

We could throw a whole jargon of buzzwords at you, but we won’t. You’re smarter than that. But what we will tell you is, initially, we listen. Actively listen to your brand’s heritage, aspirations and goals, so we can create clever and razor-sharp dialogue.

In PR the more truthful you are, the more it resonates, and the more your brand will favourably land in both minds and hearts. We know what makes a product stick beyond the early buzz. We find those moments and the hooks that builds towards longevity – not just a flash sale of PR. We put the person into personal, with our enthusiasm, optimism and bespoke strategies for thoughtful coverage – but don’t be fooled, we’re
straight talkers too, and will tell you when something won’t work.

We’re a team that has a sense of intuition and a point of view, and yes, we like to say yes, but we won’t when it cries for a no. Think of us as your brand’s trust guardians – or a team that adheres to the philosophy of tough love!




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