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Social Media Marketing is absolutely critical for brands today. We like to think of social media as the modern day magazine that allows you to truly showcase your brand, services and build trust with your desired audience.

This is why we are partnering with our social media specialist, The Social Muse, who has helped us to create our dazzling digital division for Muse Communications.

Helping your business glow
up in the digital space

Social Media

We are truly passionate about the impact of social media marketing and media relations, and how it can truly level-up a business in a creative, fun and impactful way, resulting in increased brand awareness and business revenue.

Social Integration

We offer a fully integrated service managing your social accounts. As a result, we will give you the gift of an exciting and elevated online presence, new brand fans, premium visual and written content…and more time for you to focus on your business.

Here are
the stats


The percentage of internet users that Instagram ads reach.

2.27 hours

Global average daily time spent using social media.

TREND: Social commerce

71% of small businesses are now selling on social media. Instagram is now making it easier for brands to build online stores and will begin rolling out 'Instagram Checkout' to make purchasing more streamlined.


Average engagement rate across Instagram.

2 minutes

In 2022, people increased their time spent on social media by 2 minutes compared to 2020.

2 out of 3 people

Say that Instagram helps them to connect with brands

Why your business will dazzle with our digital division

Sometimes traditional marketing and PR doesn’t quite cut the biscuit if you want to reach a wider audience. That is why social media can be an instrumental tool to influence your consumers decisions through social marketing campaigns and interactive content, as well as generating long lasting connections. We know how excited you are about your business and what it has to offer, and understand that it can sometimes be overwhelming as to how to showcase your products, and generate a buzz and sales combined.

One of the main reasons why we love social media so much is that it creates an interactive element for your business, not only in terms of communication, but also offering your audience a place to be inspired and supported, which in turn will create both a loyal existing and new customer base.

Social Strategy Pillars


Strengthen communication with your existing brand fans and foster new connections to create a community brand lovers.


Daily community engagement, responding to customer queries in the DM's and post comment section, as well as creating content that is relatable and eye-catching.


Posting regular product content in both the feed and stories. If you have a budget we recommend boosting product posts to direct the audience to your purchase page.


Communicate with prospective customers, lifestyle accounts, influencers, and brands, as well as creating collaborations for exciting competitions.


We are passionate about curating beautiful content that mirrors your brands vision, narrative, tone of voice and colour palette, and make your brand shine in a crowd of competitive brands.

Our Experience

Services We Offer

Customised Brand Strategy

Each business is created by people who have a passion for an idea. This is why we offer a tailored brand strategy for each client to build a customised social media management package that mirrors your business, audience and goals.

Content Creation

This is where we take everything off your plate and develop a tailored content plan with stunning imagery, video’s, powerful captions and aesthetic editing to ensure that your brand is presented to the digital space in a professional and premium manner.

Community Connections

It’s time to let your brands personality shine through when connecting with both a loyal and new audience. We also love working with online journalists and lifestyle influencers who want to show their shared passion for your brand on their own accounts.

Let's create together

We love to chat and explore all new possibilities. We challenge the predictable and aim for the unexpected. We nurture our client base and close knit industry allies. We grab any challenge thrown at us with both hands and with a thought provoking, measured approach. Afterall, the sole purpose of MUSE is to inspire the best possible version of your business.




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